You write, you play, I’ll edit.

You’ve spent so much time working on your writing, now it’s time for you to take a break. Allow me to do some of the heavy lifting – correcting spelling, grammar, punctuation and other language-based issues – while you kick back and relax.

About Me

Earth-friendly editor with a keen interest in politics, travel and education. Curious about everything.

I am sort of an immigrant. Born in London but raised in Africa. Back to my roots in every which way. My birthplace, family and my love of words.

My mother nurtured a love of books and theatre. My grandmother, musicals and ballet.

Moving from London as a perpetually cold seven-year-old to a hot country in Africa was all my dreams come true. In honour of the wonderful continent and its peoples that nurtured me through the rest of childhood, my teens and well into adulthood, see my weekly blog series coming soon, A Girl in Africa.

I am a nature-loving doer who still believes in the innate goodness of mankind… in spite of all its shortcomings.

I love: books, libraries, (all of) nature, my beloved companions, walking, gardening, butterflies, hedgehogs, clever and earnest conversation, interesting sights and sounds, difficult puzzles, Gothic architecture, travel, and my jeans and wellies.

I loathe: cruelty, snobbery, fools, litter, insincerity, war, arrogance, bigotry, bad manners, and high heels.

I like (a lot): children, the sea, the sun on my face, the wind at my back, art galleries, museums, mountains, and French cheeses and wine.

I dislike (a bit): the cold, bureaucracy, entitlement, long nights, and poor grammar.

The nicest things about me (I think) are: sense of humour and reliability.

About the Business

WyldeWords came about from a desire to make things better. With a background in advertising with all the learnings and attention to detail that go with it, I decided to focus my skills on one area for which I had true love – words. Words do it for me, they sing from the pages, they paint pictures in my head, they give me joy and grief – joy in their depictions, grief in their untidy presentation.

I thought it was high time I turn my propensity for perfection to good use. Tidy up the text, perfect the prose, whittle those words down to convey the real meaning.

So, here I am. Editor, friend, Earth lover and word fixer. From business docs to high academia, from first-time writers to war reporters, fiction to memoirs, poetry to educational guidebooks, I’m here. Ready to help, whenever you’re ready..